Underground Utility Locating and Mapping

Often contractors and designers find it difficult to obtain reliable underground utility information prior to the design and construction phases of development. This can lead to costly setbacks, such as design deviations, damage to existing utilities, etc. To reduce the risk of these setbacks, SJB Group offers Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services to provide accurate locating and mapping of underground utilities.

Our SUE process can involve acquiring up to four quality levels of information in order to identify a potential utility conflict. A typical project may not require all four quality levels, since the highest level of accuracy may only be needed at points where potential conflicts may occur. The four quality levels include:

Quality Level D: Utilities are plotted based upon research and interpretation of existing utility owner's records.
Quality Level C: Visible, aboveground utility features are used to plot on the project plans with subsequent utility record information correlated to these known points.
Quality Level B: Utilities are imaged via appropriate surface geophysical methods and referenced to project control. Technologies such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electronic Signal Tracing (ex: pipe horn) are used.
Quality Level A: 3-D utility location information is documented and guaranteed by surveying the exposed utility. Data on size, shape, material and conditions are also typically obtained. Air and/or hydro excavation are used to safely expose underground assets with little disruption to the surrounding area.


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  • Initial Investigation of Underground Facility Maps
  • Compilation of Utility Maps
  • Designating and Marking (flagging and painting)
  • Utility Designating via Surface Geophysical Methods (ground penetrating radar)
  • Utility Locating via Air and Hydro Excavation (vacuum exposure)
  • Utility Coordination before or after design
  • Relocation Design & Cost Estimates