Riverine Sand Mining/Scofield Island

The goal of this project is to protect and preserve the structural integrity of the barrier shoreline at Scofield Island by:
Closing breaches and tidal inlets in the shoreline;
Reinforcing the existing shoreline with additional sand; and
Increasing the island width with back barrier marsh creation to restore and sustain the ecosystem throughout the 20-year design life.

A primary objective of this project is to determine the feasibility of mining and transporting Mississippi River sediments for island reconstruction.

SJB serves as the project’s prime contractor. This role includes providing guidance and support with data acquisition, assimilation, and analyses; detailed design production; plan development and recommendation; and cost estimations; as well as administering and managing the project’s overall development and progress.

The Feasibility Phase included utilizing existing data and sand source locations to analyze and select potential Riverine borrow areas and identifying, scoring, and prioritizing transportation routes from these borrow areas to the restoration fill site, based on landowners, land use, oyster leases, oilfield infrastructure, distance to site, dredging techniques, and transportation methods. Alternatives were then evaluated to determine which potential borrow area and route combinations would be selected for the Preliminary Design Phase.

Currently underway, the Preliminary Design Phase includes coastal processes analyses; bathymetric surveying; overseeing geophysical and geotechnical surveys of Riverine sediment sources; borrow area design; dredge material transport; evaluation of compatible sediments and peer review of Riverine hydrodynamic modeling; island restoration template development, screening and assessment, along with sediment transport modeling and storm impact analysis; Wetland Value Assessment (WVA) habitat acreage calculations; cost estimating; stakeholder coordination; and Design Report.

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Plaquemines Parish, LA


LA Department of Natural Resources