Lamar-Dixon Expo Center Recreational Master Plan

The Lamar-Dixon Expo Center (LDEC) is a multi-purpose events facility that has been serving the residents of, and visitors to Ascension Parish for over nine years. It is a unique and valuable resource to the Parish and the State. In a 2005 facility study report, it was recommended that Ascension Parish continue to pursue acquisition of the LDEC property, and make it a permanent feature for the residents of the Parish.

SJB Group was retained in 2007 to provide master planning services and a guide for expanding the potential of this state of the art facility by incorporating more recreational uses for the residents of Ascension Parish to improve their quality of life. The hope being that with proper planning and implementation, the LDEC could become a premier regional sports facility, and an even more valuable resource to the Parish and the State.

The Master Plan provided an inventory and review of the current uses of the LDEC, as well as examined the present and potential economic impacts of the facility to Ascension Parish, and the surrounding region. It also reviewed the current recreation assets of the Parish, and assessed the need for additional recreation space. Recommendations for further development of the LDEC were provided in the form of site programming and site design to address those needs. A plan of action was provided, followed by a detailed implementation strategy and cost analysis to be used by parish personnel and other stakeholders needed to realize the enormous potential of the LDEC property.

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Lamar-Dixon Expo Center Recreational Master Plan


Ascension Parish, LA


Parish of Ascension