Professional Land Services for
Coastal Protection and Restoration
RFP No. 2503-10-63


SJB Group, LLC, was selected by the Louisiana Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration (OCPR) to provide Professional Land Services for Coastal Protection and Restoration Projects in Louisiana.  SJB as the prime contractor, point of contact, and staffing manager, will administer and manage all projects assigned by OCPR. 


As the scope of this project demands a comprehensive and highly specialized group of real estate professionals, SJB assembled a team of professionals that possess a unique combination of technical expertise and academic credentials blended with the responsiveness demanded by the private consulting industry.  This elite group consists of ABMB Engineers, Inc., Ginger D’Antoni, Gulf South Appraisal, LLC, Madison Acquisition Service, LLC, Dr. Roger L. Burford, Ph.D. of EIRI, A.R.E. Real Estate Services, Inc., Meade Title Services, Inc., Truax, Robles & Baldwin Appraisers, LLC and Roberto Aguilars, Inc.


This team’s real estate services will supplement OCPR capabilities relative to the coastal restoration program and will enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of the OCPR to the State’s coastal protection and restoration needs.


Services to be provided by SJB and its team members will consist of: 

  • Preliminary Landrights Work Map
  • Identification of Landowners within Project Area
  • Title Reports
  • Abstract of Title
  • Real Property Appraisals
  • Expropriation
  • Relocation and/or Relocation Assistance
  • Landowner Contacts
  • Documents
  • Tax and/or Mortgage Certificates or Evidence
  • Curative Work
  • Certification/Recordation
  • Database Research and Mapping
  • Complete Landrights Package


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Professional Land Services for Coastal Protection and Restoration


Louisiana Coastal Parishes


Office of Coastal Protection & Restoration (OCPR)


January 2013