Riverine Sand Mining/Scofield Island Topographic Survey

The goal of the Riverine Sand Mining / Scofield Island Restoration Project is to protect and preserve the structural integrity of the barrier shoreline at Scofield Island. This will include repairing breaches and tidal inlets in the shoreline, reinforcing the existing shoreline with sand, and increasing the island width with back barrier marsh creation to increase longevity. As previous restoration efforts on the barrier headlands have utilized offshore sediment sources for restoration, a primary objective of this project will be a determination of the feasibility of mining and transporting Mississippi River sediments for island restoration.

The conceptual project features include construction of approximately 100 acres of dune, 330 acres of supratidal elevations of dune fore, back slopes and marsh platform. Additional features could include sand fencing, dike gapping for marsh platform, tidal exchange and long term construction of tidal ponds and other tidal features incorporated during the final design phases.

SJB's role is to serve as the prime contractor to administer and manage the project’s overall development and progress. In addition SJB will serve as lead surveyor and pipeline engineer.

SJB's surveying division will conduct site permitting with local agencies, courthouse research, and coordination with property owners to gain access to sites.

SJB as lead engineer/surveyor will locate existing monuments, field control, and run a horizontal and vertical control network. GPS methods will be used to establish additional monumentation and control relative to North American Datum 1983 and North American Vertical Datum 1988. For those profiles to be surveyed, crews under the direction of the SJB's Louisiana Licensed Surveyor will field locate monumentation, control, and set visual ranges along profile bearings for visual reference for subsequent boat operations. The field crew will then survey the upland portions of the profiles at each monument or other upland feature, to near shore wading depth. The vegetation and mean high water locations shall be recorded along each profile.

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Surveyor in the Marsh GrassAirboat Used for Transportation of Survey CrewsMarsh Shoreline Being Surveyed


Scofield Bayou/Plaquemines Parish


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