Military Road and Robert Road
Intersection Improvement Surveys

SJB Group, LLC (SJB), as subcontractor to Atlas Engineering, Inc., was retained by St. Tammany Parish Government to furnish topographic, property surveys, and right-of-way maps for Robert Road at Brownswitch Road Intersection and Military Road at Brownswitch Road Intersection and vicinities.

The topographic surveys of these sites included the following items:

  • Establishment of benchmark at each site providing an elevation and description of each
  • Identification, jurisdiction and width of the adjoining street and roadway
  • Location of existing buildings, parking, and pertinent geographic features
  • Working with TBE Group in order to locate the size, type, and horizontal locations of subsurface utilities within the project.

Preliminary right-of-way maps showing surveyed alignment and property lines were provided to the consultant for development of project centerline and required taking lines. Once taking lines, and new project centerline were received, SJB produced the final right-of-way maps along with parcel legal descriptions for both intersections.

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Intersection Improvement SurveysIntersection Improvement SurveysIntersection Improvement Surveys


St. Tammany Parish, LA


Atlas Engineering, Inc.