SJB Group's training team provides an industry-leading educational experience that is primarily designed for Louisiana's professional water and wastewater operation and maintenance personnel. As utility system professionals ourselves, we recognize that a key component of the successful operation of water and wastewater facilities is effective training. SJB is not affiliated with, nor do we endorse, any commercially available equipment or suppliers. As such, we are able to provide every student with technically accurate and complete information, but in a practical manner that allows each to make an immediate positive impact on his/her facility. Additionally, our unique approach to training has led to one of the highest passing rates on Louisiana's Operator Certification exams. Most importantly though, our instructors actually take a personal interest in each of the students and his/her jobs to ensure that they can apply what they are learning. Our students leave every course with not only the knowledge needed to pass the appropriate exams and to do their jobs effectively, but also with confidence and comfort that they will always be able to access our instructors as technical and professional resources long after the training has been completed.


Our nationally accredited Certified Environmental Trainers conduct training sessions in both "hands-on", in-field settings, and in classroom formats. From entry level, Class 1 operations to Class 4 supervisory courses, our instructors conduct several hundred hours of training each year throughout Louisiana, as well as select out-of-state locations on an as-needed basis.  Our substantial field experience as Class 4 Certified Water & Wastewater Operators allows us to understand and directly relate to the issues or problems that students encounter in their everyday work activities. We are able to personalize training by simplifying the subject matter for a newly hired operator, or going more in-depth for an experienced engineer.


All of our courses are offered as public, open enrollment seminars, as well as private, in-house training sessions.  SJB Group primarily conducts two categories of training: Certification Exam Preparation Courses and Professional Development Workshops.

Our Certification Exam Prep Course adheres to the comprehensive outlines created by the Louisiana Committee of Certification and the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. SJB provides training for all four levels of certification in all five categories: Water Production, Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection, and Wastewater Treatment. Students take home the most important "Need-to-Know" technical information in no-nonsense charts, instructor notes, or course manuals for easy reference when they get back to work.

Our Professional Development Workshops are focused on specific work processes and day-to-day activities of an operator's day. Our staff has boiled down volumes of content into practical sets of information to create high impact training solutions to the specific areas within operation and maintenance of water & wastewater facilities. We routinely conduct courses such as: Operator Health and Safety, Basics of Wastewater Treatment Techniques, Advanced Troubleshooting of Water/Wastewater Treatment Systems, SDWA Compliance & Sampling Techniques, Pump Maintenance and Repair, and Surface Water Treatment -- Filter Assessments.

The list above should not be considered to be all-inclusive as our course offerings are updated constantly based on the needs of our clients. If you have a specific training need, please feel free to let us know. We have access to some of the industry's best training providers in other areas as well, including: Trench & Shoring Safety, Defensive/Safe Driving, and training for Administrative staff.


SJB Group believes that quality and effective training should not place a burden on our clients' budgets.  As such, our training courses and workshops are priced well below most other professional development training courses.  SJB also regularly assists our clients in finding funding for training under various State and Federally funded grant programs.

For a complete schedule of courses and costs, please visit our online registration page here.



  • Municipalities

  • Private Utility Systems

  • Industrial Operators

  • Parish/County Agencies

  • EH&S Professionals



  • Water Production Certifications

  • Water Well Construction

  • Safe Drinking Water Act Regulations

  • Water Distribution Certifications

  • O&M of Piping Networks

  • Corrosion Control

  • Taste & Odor Control

  • Basic Chemistry of Water Treatment

  • Water Treatment Certifications

  • Disinfection Systems

  • Iron and Manganese Control

  • Fluoridation Systems

  • Surface Water Treatment Systems

    Filter Assessments

  • Industrial Waste Treatment

  • Wastewater Collection Certifications

  • Wastewater Treatment Certification

  • Wastewater Microbiology

  • Activated Sludge Process Control

  • Clean Water Act Regulations

  • Pump Maintenance & Repair

  • Advanced Troubleshooting of Wastewater Systems

    Math for Operators