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From the stone age to the digital age 

SJB’s GIS program focuses on helping our customers meet safety and compliance requirements. SJB does this by using GIS to collect data that supports regulatory requirements, catalogs hazards, sensitive environmental areas, connects responsibilities to infrastructure and surroundings and ultimately creates a safety and compliance knowledge base. With your data documented in a spatial database you can share current reports and audits across your network. This enables immediate feedback and conveys updates as change occur in real-time.

Services and Capabilities 

GIS Consulting 

+ GIS Technical Support 

+ GIS Needs Assessment 

+ CAD and GIS Integration 

+ Data Maintenance  

+ GIS Training 

+ GIS Database Design and Development

GIS Application Creation

Samantha Konsoer

Senior GIS Analyst 

  /  225 - 769 - 3400    

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Trip Planning


Using our GIS program, we can assist with improving your tracking and traceability through asset management. GIS can map the life cycle of assets, which simplifies data collection, speeding up  inspections and maintenance, unifying field and the office staff and embracing real time tracking.

Our GIS program can also assist you through Operations Management. Using applications we can give the field staff all the tools they need in field which improves accountability and validation, reduces paper and simplifies data capture.


As personnel retire or move on to other positions, their process flow often gets lost or was undocumented, causing many delays from this lack of knowledge transfer. With our GIS program we can assist in structuring and documenting your process by developing electronic surveys and inspection reports. With these solutions, auto filled in fields and pick list options streamline the inspection process, documenting the ordering in which inspections and reports are to be completed, while keeping your company in compliance. This process also improves accountability; because individuals who collect and manipulate data in the field with this process is given a unique login credential.

Architectural Structure


SJB Group uses Esri as our GIS software provider. With Esri ArcGIS Suite we help implement ArcGIS Online, and field applications like Collector for ArcGIS which is a Map Centric Data Collection application. With it you can view and edit Web Maps, work offline and you could connect to a High accuracy GPS device for a more precise data collecting experience. Survey123 for ArcGIS is another popular used field application by our customers. Survey123 is a form Centric Data Collection application that can be used on a Desktop and/or Mobile Device. Data collected with Survey123 can be linked to your active GIS database for instant updated from inspections performed in the field to your GIS map. With this application you get an End to end data collection workflow.

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