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Did you do your Due Diligence?

When it comes to real estate development, converting raw land into a profitable deal can be difficult. Especially when we are talking about tracts of land over a few acres in size. To accurately underwrite any potential deal, you have to either be an engineer, landscape architect, or an experienced developer, excluding potential investors entering the market. Even the most experienced developer can be off when it comes to converting raw land, which is why it is important to perform your due diligence.

So how does an individual who wants to enter the real estate development game begin to understand the complexities of land development or even attempt to accurately underwrite any vacant tract of land for sale?

The short answer, you call us! By requesting our Due Diligence package, we will help you itemize the vast components that go into every development. From proper zoning analysis to the cost of earth work, we offer our engineering experience in the development market to give you a hard number for each deal. Curious as to how many lots you can add or the total length of roads you will need? We have that covered. Curious how much dirt will need to be removed or even added to the site? We have that covered? We have helped clients either move forward on a deal or simply walk away because the numbers did not make sense. By utilizing our due diligence, you will gain insight that will either make or break the opportunity, saving you time and costly mistakes. SJB Group makes it easy and affordable to truly underwrite any development deal. Learn more by giving us a call!

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