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Let me introduce myself!

Reaching GIS and a Higher Galaxy

By Samantha Konsoer

Senior GIS Analyst

SJB Group, LLC

Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about what I do in the GIS world. And I want to go one step further and tell you how I can improve your operations.

I work for SJB Group, LLC based in Baton Rouge. We’re an exciting 60-year-old civil engineering firm dedicated to high standards and repeat clients. Part of our repertoire includes natural gas compliance and management services. That’s where I shine!

We offer Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, mapping and consulting. We study your organization thoroughly, then help you create, maintain and implement GIS needs that meet regulatory requirements in a cost effective manner.

What is GIS? It’s a spatially-enabled system that allows one to view and visualize assets geographically or even 3D. That means you do away with old paper maps (if you’d like to), and your technicians can make reports in the field with handheld equipment. Real time! GIS allows an organization to improve communications and share location data across a network. Data is easily extracted, combined and displayed as needed by regulatory agencies. Whew! I know. It’s fascinating.

I recently helped a small rural natural gas system get into the GIS realm. We analyzed the system, asked questions and walked miles of pipeline. This system can now manage its data, maintain the life cycle of assets, simplify data collection, speed up inspections and maintenance. Also, there is real-time input. Your technician can use his cell phone to record a pipe repair with a time stamp and date. Since he does this with his unique individual access credential this improves accountability and quality control within your company.

Our GIS services can help a local gas utility – or any utility for that matter – design a database, archive data, set up a client portal and implement software. That means printing current maps and data analysis is done more efficiently and data cleanup is faster. Let’s save time so we can create a web map, collect field data swiftly and train our troops.

From start to finish, SJB Group can help an organization assess, transition and look toward the future.

When we’re through launching your organization into the future, SJB can then help work on third-party damage investigations, O&M, DIMP and emergency drills and plans. Our construction management services excel. Clients have raved about our engineering and design services, damage prevention and public awareness training and records management programs. We also can assist in residential, business and industrial business development.

You see, we mean business. Smarter business at SJB.

Samantha Konsoer can be reached at

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