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Members of SJB’s Survey Team say Hello from Orlando, Florida!

This week, two of our survey department members are attending the 2022 TopoDOT® User Conference in Orlando, Florida. TopoDOT® users from around the globe were invited to take part in this extensive learning program hosted at UCF Rosen College.

Mr. Trent Iglehart and Mr. Matt Schexnayder are learning many technical aspects of the TopoDOT® interface, as well as improving their TopoDOT® skills for extracting topographies, models, and spatial information.

While at the TopoDOT® User Conference, our employees had the opportunity to meet Mr. Kent Groh, LS of the Geoholics Podcast. Members of our survey department are huge fans of his podcast and it was an honor that our employees attending the conference were able to meet him!

Pictured above (from Left to Right): Matt Schexnayder, Kent Groh, LS, Trent Iglehart

SJB Group’s President Jackie des Bordes is proud of these men for taking advantage of this incredible learning opportunity! One of the Core Values™ of SJB Group focuses on our employees striving to continue their education and we are excited for Trent and Matt to return home and share their knowledge of the TopoDOT® software.

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