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Please help us welcome Jeffrey Vick, SUE Department Manager to SJB Group!

Mr. Vick will join SJB Group, LLC as a senior member of its management team. Mr. Vick offers more than 36 years of experience in major areas of heavy construction, utility construction and coordination. During the past twenty-one years he has provided Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and Utility Coordination on various type projects including industrial, water transmission, municipal infrastructure, highways, aviation and rail. Over his SUE career, Mr. Vick has managed over 3,000 Subsurface Utility Engineering projects, 2 million feet of utility designating, and 10,000 test holes.

Mr. Vick has held senior PM and management positions with TBE Group (predecessor to Cardno TBE) while managing all of their Texas SUE operations. He then joined Gorrondona & Associates, Inc. as Director of Operations and started up their SUE services into a Texas state-wide operation. He then created The Rios Group, Inc., a startup DBE firm specializing in SUE operations. After that, he joined Lamb-Star Engineering, LLC and created a Utilities Division from scratch offering SUE and utility services. Last, Mr. Vick joined SurvWest, LLC starting a new office in Fort Worth and expanding their SUE practice.

With a background in construction, Mr. Vick brings a unique perspective to each project, having previously represented owners in design reviews and construction negotiations and management. With SJB Group, LLC, Mr. Vick will serve as the SUE Department Manager working hands-on to manage major projects, client relationship management, contract negotiations, and Quality Control.

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