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It’s a bird! It’s a Plane! It’s SUE Superman brought to you by SJB Group LLC!

Just wanted to let you know that not even COVID can get us down!

Let’s revisit our super power -- Subsurface Utility Engineering, or SUE. Contractors and highway designers often find it difficult to obtain reliable information on underground utilities before design and construction commences. This can cause costly setbacks, such as design deviation and damage to existing utilities. SUE is an effective and non-destructive service that provides accurate locating and mapping of underground utilities. A more informed construction design saves time and money.

There are four levels of SUE:

· Quality Level D – utilities are mapped based on office research and existing utility owner records.

· Quality Level C – visible utility features on the ground are accurately depicted on the project plans with subsequent utility records information correlated to those known points.

· Quality Level B – utilities are designated via appropriate surface geophysical methods and referenced to project control for approximate horizontal locations.

· Quality Level A – utilities are horizontally and vertically located by surveying the exposed utility. Data on size, shape, material and conditions are also typically obtained.

SJB Group offers SUE in the design phase, during the construction portion or when a client is researching costs to relocate utilities. If you are intrigued, please contact us at 225-769-3400. TJ Stokes, PE, SJB Group Vice President and SUE Manager, leads our SUE super team. Our website is

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