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Wishing You the Gift of Faith, Hope and Peace

SJB Group felt the Christmas card this year should reflect the different times while promoting the magical meaning of the season – hope, promise, family and the Savior’s special love.

This year’s 2020 greeting was created by former State-Times Morning Advocate artist David Norwood, who retired years ago and who tends cattle on his 700-acre spread north of St. Francisville. Norwood and his wife Cammy renovated a three-story spectacular antebellum home they found in Opelousas and moved to the West Feliciana Parish hills. Their warm abode is filled with antiques and items handed down from their families.

“An artist interprets the words and feelings of others,” said Norwood, whose DIN signature graced the cover of newspaper inserts for 46 years. “This year’s creation has a touch of nostalgia just when we need it.”

SJB visited Norwood one crisp fall afternoon to plan a whimsical commentary on 2020 while adding a little humor to the most precious birth of Our Lord and Savior. The original idea was to have Three Wise men visiting the manger with safety – er um masks – in mind.

Norwood drew a black and white sketch of the men, the camels and the new parents admiring their precious Jesus. After SJB approved the sketch Norwood sat down among his lovely antiques near a window and added color and life to the scene.

“May 2021 bring health and prosperity to all,” SJB Group Owner Wilfred Barry said. “We’re looking forward to a landscape without hurricanes, COVID and tension. And we’d love to see world peace.”

Please enjoy our photo essay of the creation of SJB’s holiday message. And a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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