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Land Due Diligence and Site Feasibility Services

Maximize development potential and minimize challenges by beginning your project with a detailed due diligence and feasibility study from SJB Group, LLC. Our development consulting team offers clients realistic solutions in assessing the viability of your proposed projects across the core real estate segments of office space, retail and residential developments.


A site due diligence and feasibility study by SJB Group will help you evaluate the proposed development by determining the property's current use and condition, existing limitations, and, most importantly, its potential. The analysis provided by SJB Group's study not only allows you to make informed decisions about the proposed development, but the information can also be used for marketing the property to investors, lenders, and/or potential buyers.


Our team includes civil engineers, land surveyors, landscape architects and real estate experts with a vast toolbox of resources to guide you through the preliminary steps of project planning. Once you have evaluated your proposed project with the help of SJB Group's due diligence and feasibility study, this same team is available to take your idea through the phases of development.

Architectural Structure

There are Three Levels of Research Available:

1. Basic Due Diligence: Aerial map, zoning, flood information, soil and utilities all contained in a memo report.
2. Extended Due Diligence: Basic plus zoning confirmation, utility mapping, limited title research, desktop environmental search and more.
3. Diligence Plus Concept: Basis and Extended with a single development concept, special features required, basic project schedule, and more.

Contact us today and we will help you get your project started off on the right track!

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