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Metal Pipes


Rooted in our history

When it comes to gas utility system projects, SJB Group can help you play by the rules and regulations, and still keep your project on track. With our roots as a utility operator, SJB Group is intimately familiar with current day utility codes, regulations and laws. We also understand how regulators think and interpret guidelines. Over the years, we’ve honed these skills to ensure that plans and designs for utility expansions and upgrades are practical and affordable while also complying with the fine print. SJB Group has the experience and ability to understand the capital costs associated with projects, and we work to develop the most effective alternative—both immediate and long-term—especially in regard to maintenance.

Services and Capabilities 

+ Regulatory Consulting / Auditing Services

+ Third Party Damage Investigations 

O&M / DIMP / Emergency Plans and Drills

+ Construction Management Services 

+ Engineering / Design / Mapping Services 

+ Damage Prevention / Public Awareness Programs 

Business Development Plans
(Residential / 
Commercial / Industrial / CNG) 

Records Management Programs

CNG Projects

The firm provides compliance, engineering, design and construction management services to local distribution and pipeline companies. We have extensive experience related to inspection, planning, design and construction of hazardous and non-hazardous pipeline and underground utility systems. We understand the operating and maintenance problems associated with pipeline and utility systems and have an excellent knowledge of applicable state and federal safety regulations. 

Our Natural Gas Utility Team

Our team has more than 100 years experience and more than 10,000 miles of natural gas distribution and product pipelines and constructed. We have worked on more than 500 specific site development projects, including utilities, drainage, parking, lighting, and roads. 

Brian Suberbielle, PE
Senior Project Manager 

  /  225 - 706 - 5733       

Robert Borne

Natural Gas Distribution and
Pipeline Compliance Manage

  /  225 - 706 - 5739       

Charlie Wood

Senior Project Manager 

  /  225 - 706 - 5739       

Team Meeting


SJB Group knows how budget cuts may affect not only the quality of your project, but also the long-term environmental impact. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and objectives, and then provide an array of alternatives to help them make informed decisions on everything from materials and their construction approach to long-term maintenance issues. SJB Group also has extensive experience in the relocation of utility systems relative to State Highway Department widening and improvement projects.

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